Our Values


JI & SAM attaches particular importance to the choice of these partners, who are mainly female cooperatives.

These have been chosen with care and thoroughness. They indeed share the same vision and values as the brand.

JI & SAM ensures fair remuneration to cooperatives/artisans, by collaborating directly with them and without intermediaries.

JI & SAM is convinced that the welfare of artisans is linked to their working conditions, and ensures that craftsmen work in good conditions.

100% handmade

The entire collection of JI & SAM is completely handmade.

JI & SAM favors sustainable and natural materials such as :wool, vegetable silk, leather…

Produce what is needed…

The JI & SAM collection is thought out and designed in Brussels, then discussed with artisans who have unique and ancestral know-how.

JI & SAM favors quality over quantity by producing in small series thus avoiding overproduction.

Some JI & SAM products are available in limited quantities but remain available by order.